Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

The photographer at a wedding is always considered a major part of the celebration. The photographer records the events of the day as part of the life of the bride and groom. Making sure this all goes to plan can mean the photographs at your wedding venue Brighton that you get are just what you wanted.

There are a number of things that can be done to make sure this all goes to plan. A good thing to sort out is if the photographer happens to get ill on the day. Does this person have someone with similar skills to take over the photography for the wedding?

Another thing to sort out is does the photographer have adequate insurance to cover injury, theft and third party damages should someone injure themselves on the photographer’s equipment.

Where this is a wedding for more than fifty guests, find out if the photographer will have an assistant. If you feel that one photographer will be unable to cover the event during the wedding, then ask for a cost with an assistant that can cover areas of the wedding that may be missed by the main photographer.

Make sure you know what your photos will look like post wedding. If you want images in photo form, then discuss this with the photographer. Wedding photographers have various ways to handle photos for their clients. They generally have different plans that you are able to decide on which may suit your wedding.

There are other items you may want to ask about, which could be about colour corrections, back up cameras, and anything else you can think off.



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